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Angels Making Blankets

We welcome you to come and join us making blankets. We cut, tie and sew labels on no-sew fleece blankets to comfort children in foster care. We are a very social, warm, fun loving and generous group.

There are four ways you can participate in this interest group.

  1. We meet once a month with two convenient Funshop times on the first Thursday each month from 1:30 -3:30 and/or 6:30-8:30. We talk, laugh and get to know each other while we tie cute, soft, warm blankets. There is a minimal charge per blanket, which includes the blanket and the personalized name label. The label has a line for the first name of the maker and a place for the foster child to sign their name with a permanent marker. This tag and blanket are a physical expression to remind the foster children they have worth and are loved. This blanket is theirs and goes with them when they change homes. As the blankets are completed, they are returned to *MVOB to be shipped out where needed. If we cannot meet as a group we will have a Zoom Party.

  2. You can purchase blankets to take home and tie in your own comfortable space. You fill out your portion of the label and return the blankets and labels to me and the Sewing Squad will sew on the label.

  3. The Cutting Crew meets as needed at the My Very Own Blanket headquarters in Westerville and cuts the edges of the blankets for the group to tie at the monthly meeting.

  4. You can be a part of the Sewing Squad. These ladies take the blankets home and sew the personalized labels on the blankets.

These four groups are a team that works together to complete the blankets. We are dedicated to helping children in foster care feel valued and comforted. For more information or to join the group, please contact Marilyn Maehl, as listed in the WCP Membership directory.

*My Very Own Blanket (MVOB) is a volunteer driven, nonprofit company that began 20 years ago in Westerville.

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Personalized Blanket Label
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